Canvas of Scars

She is the most beautiful girl ever. She had everything. She used to be happy.

But one mistake took away everything she had and left her with nothing but cruel things. She stared to the wall, imaging her life ending right before her eyes. She cried so hard, grabbing a paper and a pen, and started to write.

Paintings are supposed to be on the canvas, right?

Paintings that are full of colors and life.

Colors that won’t fade away,

Life that have missions each day.

But the paintings on my canvas are lines,

Paintings that are red and white,

Life with darkness and sorrow,

With no light to borrow.

I don’t understand this painting,

Why does it bleeding?

I must have cut myself again,

And let it bleed till the end.

It’s too late to survive now,

You costed it but you didn’t even know how,

But you can still rescue me,

From the bottom of the deep red sea. 

She closed her notebook and walked to her bathroom. Pulling out a blade, she let it touch her skin until it created an art piece. Lines that you can see on the streets. Lines that you can see every where. And now, lines that you can see on her wrists. Destroying her inside and out. She waited for someone to pull her out from this nightmare. Begging them to destroy all the blades in this world, and begging them to re-fix her.


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