Take the long way home

“To those who can dream there is no such place as far away.”

It’s true. If you have the desire to explore, then a 3,000 miles will be 3 steps away from you. Looking at the world, it is big and a bit scary. If those two things hold you back, then where is the fun in that? You travel to explore those big and scary things, and you are having fun. It is all about the experience. You go to one place, settle for a night and take off to another place as you wake up. Life is like that. Life is about having fun.

We live a short life, so why not grab the opportunity to see the world that was given to you. Seize it and embrace it. Let yourself wander. Let yourself experience everything.

We leave our country speechless and we come back as storytellers.

Through our experiences and excitement, we turn into a storyteller. As we travel, every place we’ve been through is a chapter of our lives. One place to another. Until we come back, and tell others about the things that happened to you when you were there. You’re like a walking book, full of adventures that everyone loves to go through.

Don’t worry about the money, the accommodations and the days. I say, you save up, book a little hotel enough for you to sleep in, because you will be outside all day.

And always remember, the fun part about travel is the long way back home.


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