My First Disneyland Experience

June 10 2015, the day that I went to Disneyland for the first time ever. And so I am going to share with you my experience.


Back when I was a kid, I love Disney movies. From the classic to the recent one. And back then, I don’t know about the whole Disneyland/Disney World theme parks, so it’s cool. I always wanted to be a princess though, and I wanted to have my own castle and I wanted to meet my Prince Charming. That is how high my dreams were.


Then as I grew up, I found out about the whole Disneyland parks and stuff, and since then it is one of my dreams to go, but I live in Philippines and there was no Hong Kong Disneyland that time, so I kind of gave up. But not completely, because I know that I can still go, someday but not today. So I went on with my life.


And then just last June 9 2015, my dad gave me the most amazing birthday gift ever. A ticket to go to Hong Kong. And we made it there, and there was even more wonderful news. That is I will spend my entire day with my mom and my aunt in Disneyland!!! And I was freaking out.


So, I went there for the first time and it was beyond fun! It was unexpected and it IS the most wonderful place on earth. We tried Space Mountain which I will not go and ride that again, ever. And then we walked around the parks, watched several shows and met some characters.

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I met Minnie and Mickey Mouse, and my all time favorite bear, Pooh!!!

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I kind of looking for Peter Pan because he is my all time favorite. But sadly he wasn’t there. He was in Neverland with Tink, cause she wasn’t there either. I didn’t get to see the other princesses though. I only saw Belle and Ariel and that’s enough for me because Ariel is my all time favorite princess. I didn’t get to take a picture with her because there was no meet and greet that time, but it was fine. At least I saw her.

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The day went by so fast, because I was having fun. We stayed for the parade and the firework show.

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And then after that we went back to the city because we have to catch up with the train because it was like 11PM already and the train closes at 12MN.

I will defiantly go back there, and hopefully I get to meet every single character that I want to meet. I also want to go and visit every single Disneyland on earth, with my friends because I know that we will do silly things together.

And that is my very first experience at Disneyland. So, for others out there who have never been to Disneyland yet, and you are like 16 or 60. Don’t lose hope, because I was 18 when I first went there. And here’s what I’ll have to say. It is literally the best and the happiest place on earth. It doesn’t matter what age you are, it will always be fun. Disney is a playground to kids of all ages. I say if you go there, forget about everything in real life, forget out the problems, the projects, the exams, and just have fun. Let the magic of Disney take you away from reality for just a day. Trust me, it’s all worth it.






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