A Day in Macau

It was my first time visiting Macau, and even if we just visited for a day I enjoyed it and I surely will come back in the future. Therefore, I will share with you the experience I had during those short hours.

We went to Hong Kong for my 18th birthday last year with my mother and auntie. We stayed there for 5 days and on our 4th day, we went to Kowloon (that’s where we stayed by the way) a ferry terminal where the ferry is. TurboJet is the ferry that took us from Hong Kong to Macau for about 55 minutes.

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First thing we did there, was we met up with my mother’s friend who lives there to give us a tour of Macau. We met her at Senado Square, a European-like shopping spot in Macau, which I thought was so pretty. I only bought a hat though, because it was burning hot in Macau that time.

Then, the friend took us to see one of the famous landmarks of Macau, the St. Paul’s ruins, not far from the Senado Square. We took an hour to look around, take pictures and went shopping for a bit. I bought a cute jumper from Forever 21 and my mother bought some Macau food.

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After spending an hour in the St. Paul’s ruins, I was so hungry so the friend took us to this small London themed small restaurant (I forgot the name sorry), she took us there because she knows I’m obsessed with all things London.

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After eating for an hour, we went to ride the City of Dreams bus and took us to the other side of Macau, and we had a little moment of sight seeing.

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Then we went to Venetian Hotel and Casino, where the famous Venice replica is located. And I loved it there, I was amazed with the fake sky.

And then after that, we walked to City of Dreams to check the place out. We didn’t went to the casino because I wasn’t allowed. You’re supposed to me at least 21 years old for you to enter. It was a bummer, because I wanted to see what it’s like. But it’s okay.

Then lastly we went to the Grand Emperor Hotel and Casino, to check out their England theme. I loved it too, the interiors are amazing. That hotel has real gold bar inside of it, and I think it’s so cool.

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And that’s it! My experience in Macau was quite unreal. Even though we just went there for only a day, (we left Hong Kong at the morning and went back before the sun sets) I enjoyed the entire trip. And even though I went there a year ago, I can still recall the things I did there like it just happened yesterday.

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