Hong Kong Is A Dream!

A year ago (okay I know what you are thinking, why are you blogging about something that happened a year ago, well just so you know, I fell in love with Hong Kong that I can remember every detail we did there like it all happened just a minute ago), my dad gave me one of the most amazing birthday gift ever! I was turning 18 back then and I didn’t want to throw a grand party, what I wanted was to travel. And so I did. I traveled to Hong Kong and Macau. We stayed for 5 days.

Okay! First things first, as soon as we arrived at the place where we were staying, we went straight to Victoria Peak!

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Our flight was at the morning and it was only 2 hours, so we arrived in Hong Kong, went to the place where we stayed, then we went and rode the ferry to Central Hong Kong, and from there we walked to where the Peak Tram is.

After spending a good 3 hours at Victoria Peak, it was a great windy day, not too hot and not too cold either. I liked it. Then after, we went and explored Central Hong Kong at night and took some pictures. We were pretty tired, but the view was somehow worth it.

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After that we went back to the place we stayed. The next morning, we went to the happiest place on earth! Hong Kong Disneyland. I did a separate blog about that trip, click here.

Then the next day, we went to Lantau Island. From Tsim Sha Tsui, where we stayed we took the MTR and hopped off to Sunny Bay. From there, we went to the cable cars and took a ride to the Island. It was pretty, I loved it. Besides Disneyland, Lantau was also the highlight of my trip.

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After riding the Cable Car, we reached Lantau Island where the big Buddah is. It was rainy and foggy when we went there, but it was not cold and the rain lasted for just 20 minutes.

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After spending almost our entire day, we went back to the place we stayed and took a rest for a while. And then at night we went out to eat dinner, explore the area where we stayed and went shopping.

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That day was fantastic.

The next morning, we woke up early and went to spend a day in Macau, we left in the morning and went back before sunset. For my Macau trip, click here. When we got back, we didn’t did anything at all. We slept and just went out to eat dinner then went back and slept more.

And our last day came and I felt sadness. I don’t want to leave Hong Kong, I really fell in love with that country. And for our last day, we just explored Victoria Harbour, my mom met up with her friend and she just showed us around the area.

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It was fun, I loved it and I surely will come back someday. One of the best trips of my life.



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