What to Pack for a Summer Vacation

Besides Christmas, Summer is also the most amazing time of the year. A time where there is no school, and a time for vacations. I’m pretty sure that some of you are planning to go somewhere, like Hawaii or Bora Bora and you are confused as to what you would bring. Swim Suit is a must, of course but there are other things that you should consider besides beach wear. And so, here are some things that might help you pack for your vacation.



If you have a poor eyesight and you don’t want to wear your glasses while going out for a nice summer dinner date, contacts is an amazing alternative. Or if you and your friends are having a summer costume party, a red or pink contacts will do for costume.


I’m sure none of us wants to ruin our amazing sandals on the beach, then a pair of slippers is a must.


You don’t want your eyes to be damaged by the sun, are you? Bring some good 4 pairs of sunglasses. It protects your eyes, and a nice way to accessorize.

Alarm Clock

If you’re like me, who is not a morning person but you don’t want to miss out any adventures and waste your time by oversleeping, and an alarm from your phone isn’t enough. I tell you, you need to bring the loudest alarm clock in the world.

Extra Batteries

If you’re a vlogger or a blogger and you use your camera every minute of everyday, it’s awful to ran out of battery when you’re out in the middle of the woods, supposed to be taking those amazing pictures for your blog. And Extra 3 or 5 batteries is a life saver.


If you have a photographic memory then you don’t need a camera. But of course, camera is a great way to capture moments that you want to remember forever. And a charger is also a good idea.


It’s worst when the hotel that you’re staying doesn’t provide you a hair-dryer. That’s where you have to act fast. Bring one, just in case.


While waiting for your flight, a pair of headphones will save you from a deadly boredom. And when you love taking videos are everything but you don’t want it to be shaky, a tripod is good too. Just bring both.


Makeup is always a good idea. I don’t have to explain myself. Bring wipes too if you don’t want to bring your makeup remover.


You know what to pack right? Tooth brush, toothpaste, comb, brush and all those stuffs. It’s a must, forget about the shoes, but don’t forget the toiletries. Ever.


We hate sunburn, we all do! I’m lucky because I don’t get sunburn, I have natural tan skin, but most of you who have fair or pale skin, you get sunburn easily. So, of course, don’t ever ever forget to bring tons of Sunscreen! Wherever you go, bring it with you! If you have to put it in your face, just go and put it!


It’s fun to get lost in a foreign country. But, it’s not fun when you have a schedule to follow. Just grab a map from the hotel that you’re staying or the airport. Maps are everywhere now, so it’s easy to grab one.


You cannot get there in the first place without cash. It’s mandatory. I don’t have to explain myself.

Travel Journal

If you are a blogger like me, or any type of writer you must have a journal with you. It’s an easy way to remember any single detail about your trip. It’s also an awesome way to document everything that you’ve done.


If 2 hotel pillows isn’t enough, why not bring 2 more. It’s awesome to have more than 2 pillows in your bed. Trust me. And we all know that some hotel blankets are so thin that you just want to take the curtains off just to make yourself warm, then I suggest you bring a thick blanket. The many the better.

Swim Wear

3 swim wears isn’t enough. Why not bring 5 more, just to change every time you go to the beach. Take a picture, it seems like you’ve stayed there for a month when in reality you’ve been there for 5 days only.

Beach Bag

One thing that can hold everything for you. You might want a cute one though.

A Fancy Dress

Bring as many swim wears you can, but don’t forget to also bring 2 or 3 dresses. You’ll never know when some cute guy asks you out on a dinner date. You want to look cute and presentable. You don’t want to wear your bikini while eating right?

A Fancy Shoes

You cannot wear a pair of slippers with that sparkly dress, will you? Now, that is a fashion disaster! Just grab one black heels and you’re good.


Forget everything but not the passport! You won’t be there, without it. Unless you live in a same continent and you’re not required to have one. But, just so you know, always bring your passport with you wherever you go.



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