Tips & Tricks On How To Make Your Hong Kong Disneyland Trip Worthwhile

Okay, I’m not an expert in this kind of things. I only been to HK Disneyland once, but I’ve picked up somethings that would probably help me when I plan my next visit. So, I took this opportunities to share to you the things that I’ve learned while I was there based on my experience. This can also help for those of you who’ll visit the park for the very first time! šŸ™‚


First things first, you must visit the park during a weekday. Why? Because typically on weekdays, people are busy doing their schools and jobs that they cannot go to the park. So, I’d say that you take the opportunity to go there, so it wouldn’t be crowded and all.


The next thing that you need to know is, you mustĀ arrive at the park before opening, or at least be there 2 or 3 hours before the park opens. So in that way, you’ll be there from the minute the gates open, and you’ll be one to experience the rides first without falling in line. You can also meet the characters easily while there are like only 50 people in line. Because when lunch time comes, that line would multiply easily.


Okay, so here’s one important thing that you must do.Ā Meet as many characters as you can. When I went there, I haven’t seen that many characters at all. I only saw Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Pooh and Buzz. I didn’t even see any princesses. Well aside from the parades, but that’s another story to tell for later. The point is, I’m sure Hong Kong Disneyland has many character meet and greets, I wasn’t lucky I guess when I went there. But I did met Minnie, Pooh and Mickey. Anyway, as I was saying, meet many characters as much as you can. After all, they’re one of the many things that gives magic to the park.


Okay, this next one is a must! You shouldĀ see the shows that they have to offer that day. Go and take at least an hour from your roller coaster madness and head to the Disney theaters to watch some live shows performed by the characters. Ā Trust me, they won’t disappoint. You’d actually want to see more. And also the thing that you should not miss are theĀ Disney Parades. Go and grab some Time Guide from the Map corner of the park and look which time the parades would start. It’s awesome, trust me.

And lastly, Disneyland is worth visiting for almostĀ a week.Ā The park isn’t as massive like Shanghi’s Disneyland, but HK Disneyland is also big. A day isn’t enough. There are so many things to do, so much to see and so many characters to meet. Trust me, you’d want to spend at least 3 days to make it all worth it. I only spent a day there, but It was magical. Now, imagine spending a week there. You probably wouldn’t want to go back.

And you might want to get yourself one of these too.



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