Different Timezones

From the moment that I open my eyes,

Is the moment you close yours.

When I’m ready to start my day,

Is when you’re ready to end yours.

I’d be a day early,

And you’d be a day behind me.

Our times never ever clicked with each other,

And it will always stay that way forever.

But whenever we talk, I feel like you’re just down the road from where I live,

But in reality, you live 8,000 miles away from me.

Screenshot 2016-07-20 at 7.23.14 PM

We have the Pacific Ocean lying between us,

And the endless horizons just by the sea.

When I look up, I see the Sun.

When you look up, you see the Stars.

But it doesn’t matter, if I’m looking at the sun and you’re looking at the stars,

Because I know that from the moment we look up, we see the same sky.

And in that way, I would send a message across the sky,

Letting you know that even the time changes,

Even if we live in different timezones,

You & I will never change,

You & I will always stay the same.

Screenshot 2016-07-20 at 7.26.08 PM




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