Better Than Fiction

4 years ago, I don’t remember how it started or who started it. I just knew that we started talking, I don’t even remember what our first conversation was about. All I knew is we talked and that’s how it all started.

Past forward to the present, we don’t talk too often now because of the time difference and due to the fact that both of us are busy. Me, on my way to becoming a 3rd year College student and you’re on your way looking for a job. Things like that kept us from talking often, but when we do get the chance, we don’t just talk to each other. We talk to each other’s souls.

I opened up about everything, EVERYTHING, that’s happened to me since I was in Elementary up until now in College. I talked and you listened. You gave me advice when I needed one, and you would comfort me through words when you had to. And I would do the same to you. That’s just how we are. And I like it that I can be myself around you, even though we haven’t actually hang out in person for 4 years, but I still like it.

Not so long ago when I realized that I was already falling for you. But of course, I wouldn’t tell you because I don’t want to ruin everything. I’d rather be friends with you and still have you then tell you how I feel and lose you in the process. There Is No Way.

Everything we had and will have; everything about us, everything that’s happening to us, right here right now, I like it. I wouldn’t change everything. Because all of this is better than any fantasy I’ve read. This we have here, is better than any Fictions out there.


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