My July Favorites!

July is almost over and this past month, I have been obsessed over these things and actors and songs, etc. Most of these are music, books, and tv shows. I only have 1 favorite dress this month, and none in the makeup category, because I’m not a big makeup fan. I don’t wear makeup when it’s my vacation. But good thing, because next month I will go back to school, and that means I have to wear makeup again. It’s a requirement.

Anyway, here are my July Favorites!


For Music, I have quite a few. So, I’ll just have to post a song of the band or artist and talk about them for a bit. I’ve been obsessing about them for the whole month now.


  • The Girl and the Dreamcatcher

It is a band, which I’ve been following not just for the past month, but since this band was formed. Some of you may know them, but if you don’t then I shall say that; this is a band composed by two people. Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan. They are a couple, by the way and one of my OTPs.  You should go and check them out, they are amazing and I love them.


They will release their new EP soon, called Negatives. It’s on itunes, you can pre-order it by clicking here. Check them out, they have amazing songs there.

Lately I’ve been obsessing with their song called Monster.


  • 1989 Album

I know this is a little too late, but I just happen to hear some of the tracks and of course I had to listen to the entire album. I even downloaded it all on my phone. I’m obsessed. But, come on, who’s complaining It’s Taylor Swift. 1989 is my favorite Taylor Swift Album, by the way.


My Favorite Songs in the Album are:

Blank Space (of course)

Out Of The Woods

I Wish You Would

Welcome to New York


  • Austin Jones

He’s a youtuber, if you’ve never heard of him. But I really suggest that you should check him out. He’s amazing, and his original songs are amazing too! I love him!


If you want to check his channel out,  click here.

Here are some of my favorite original songs from him.



And here are some of my favorites covers from him.





Now it’s time for TV Shows, Although I only have one tv show obsession this month.

  • Teen Wolf

Originally, I’ve heard about this show for quite a long time, but never really checked it out. Then, one of my friends said that I should check it out since I’m into, you know, that kind of stuffs. Although I am not a big fan of werewolves, I’m a Vampire kind of girl. Anyway, I checked it out and well, I got a little bit obsessed. I stalked Tyler Posey and Colton Haynes on twitter.

Fave Character? Scott, Derek, Isaac, Stiles and of course, my husband Jackson. HA! Those are guys, I know. I love all the guys. And for girls, I only have one fave girl character, and that is Lydia.


Oh look at that. A family picture of my favorites. Well except for Allison. I just don’t like her. Oh, and insert Isaac.





For Fashion, like I said earlier, I only have one favorite.


  • Slit Dress

I’ve been obsessed with this dress for a while now.


Mine looks exactly like that, although a little bit darker. I love it, I paired it with my white shorts and my mint green shoes.



Youtuber-wise, here are some of my favorites this month.


  • Aspyn Ovard


She’s my all time favorite youtuber, so I’ll include her in my monthly favorites.

Check her out.



  • Sarah Betts


I just literally discovered her this month. She’s amazing, and I love her accent and videos too!

Check her out.




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