Nueva Ecija Weekend!

Another Philippines destination that people should check it out! Nueva Ecjia is known as the Rice Capital of the Philippines, but there are also hidden paradises  too. And I’ve been to one of them.

Minalungao National Park in Nueva Ecija is amazing!

After our Bagiuo vacation, we went straight to Nueva Ecjia for a weekend and also to drop off my cousins. And while we were there, we went to Minalungao National Park and spend an entire day there, because why not!



We went and crossed the terrifying hanging bridge.

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And then when we reached the other side, the view was amazing, I couldn’t even resist it, so I took a selfie.

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Then we went hiking. We climbed the 1000 steps stairs to reach the top of the mountain.

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And then we reached the cross.


We stayed for 30 minutes to rest, and we went back down the 1000 steps again, crossed the hanging bridge to climb another set of stairs that leads into a cave.


It feels like 500 steps, but oh well. It was steep too, and kind of scary to climb if you’re alone. Anyway, we reached the top and that’s where the cave is. I didn’t went inside though, because it was dark and you have to climb down another set of stairs, which is more dangerous than that set of stairs that you see in the picture. So, instead I waited outside the cave for my cousins to come out.

Inside the cave was a rock formation though, it would be nice to see it but then my fear got in the way. Anyway, moving on.

We climbed down the stairs, we walked back to our cottage to eat our lunch, then we went for a swim.

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The river was so slippery and rocky, that we struggled.

Just, look at us.

We’re having fun!





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