We Went To Cebu City!!!

My homeland and my pride.


I was born in Cebu City, in case you guys didn’t know. When I was like 6 years old, we had to move here in Manila to go to work and school. I went and spent half of my Elementary Years here, High School and now I’m in College and I have 1 year left.


But last December, we went to Cebu to celebrate Christmas with the fam bam. (I know, I know, I’m blogging about an old trip again. But hey! Better late than never, right?)


And now, I am going to share some of my amazing times in my homeland.




First things first, our flight was like 6am and we had to go to the airport at 4am for check in and stuffs.


Once we’re settled at the gates, waiting for our flight to be called, I this picture.


Because I was bored and I didn’t get some sleep that time.


Anyway, past forward 2 hours later, we touched down at Cebu!

My auntie picked us up from the airport and we drove straight to my Uncle’s house to eat lunch. Then since the oldies talked to catch up with everything, I took a nap in my cousin’s bedroom.

We didn’t do much after that because we were tired and they had to drop us off to our house and then we just ate dinner and went to bed.




My other Auntie have decided to visit us together with her Dutch boyfriend. They were from Netherlands and it’s the guy’s first time in the Philippines and his first time to see the family in person. So, of course we had to do a family reunion. We were almost complete, but my dad couldn’t make it there. But it’s alright, we had fun!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I spent the entire day with the fam bam by the beach.

How awesome is that?!


And then since the venue is near to the place that I really wanted to go, the fam bam took me there!





It was December 24 and it was my other Auntie’s birthday. (I have so many Aunties btw). We spent it with the fam bam again, but in her house. We ate lunch and had some bonding. And then after the party, we went and took my Uncle (the Dutch one) to a condominium to swim!

I didn’t went swimming though, because I wasn’t ready. I didn’t have any swim wear. The only clothes I got with me was the clothes that I was wearing that day. And so, we took pictures instead.


And then we went to Ayala mall to eat.


We had a long table.

Fun Fact: I love eating with a bunch of people in a long table together.


And then later that night, we went and watched the Christmas lights show by the garden.





My Uncle picked us up from our house and we drove around the city to check out some new attractions.

One of those was the Temple of Leah.



And for the rest of the trip, we just spent it to bond with the fam bam.



This year, I’m going back to Cebu!!! For a school trip with my classmates and my squad again. So look out for a new blog about Cebu! And hopefully by December next year, I’ll be coming back there too with my friend to spend Christmas.



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