3 Ways to Style Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It’s that time of the year again, where Christmas trees emerge and the weather is colder than ever! And as the season changes, so does our wardrobe. And 9 our of 10 percent of the time, I guarantee you that somewhere deep down your Narnia Wardrobe, hidden and treasured is a Sweater! Not just any sweater, it’s a Christmas themed Sweater. And not just any Christmas themed sweater, 99.9% of these are ugly!

I know!

I have one too!

And so, I’ve come up some ways to spice it up a bit, so you can use it. Maybe make it less than ugly and close to cuteness.

I know this first one isn’t that ugly, but well..I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to walk around wearing just the plain sweater. I’d like to make it more presentable. This is a perfect example of a “Brunch at December” look, or just a casual visit to a friend of yours.

Untitled #1
Here’s another one, that I think needs more than anything to make it look cute. What I had in mind, was this green, red, white, Christmas sweater tucked in a black knee length skirt. And for you to not get cold, I paired it with a black tights and an army green jacket. And to give it a more presentable yet classy finish, I paired it with some maroon stuff, like those maroon infinity scarf, ankle boots and a bag. And of course to tie up the whole look, I paired it with a black cute hat. This look if perfect for date night or a visit to grandma’s house for Christmas day.
Untitled #2
Here’s one that I think would be perfect if you just want to spend some time with yourself at a nearby park at Christmas Eve. I think this sweater is not ugly at all, but if you just wear it plain and simple then it would look boring and people would mistake it for an ugly Christmas Sweater.
Untitled #3



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