My Favorite 2016 Moments

2016 is coming into an end in less than 2 days and for the past months of 2016 I have achieved so much which I believe would lead me into a better future. And since there’s only a month and two left for 2016, I am more excited to face 2017. But before that, I am here taking my time to share with you all my favorite moments in the year 2016. Most of these are the times when I met my favorite singers and artists.


A lot has happened when the year 2016 started. First of all, I went back to school as a 2nd year college student. It was our 2nd semester and I met new friends and people.

Also in January, my favorite moment was when I met one of my favorite boy bands.

On January 29 2016, I met Before You Exit in person.

We went to SM Mega-Mall at 7:00AM to fall in line and waited for like 8 hours before I met them. I don’t have pictures with them because we weren’t allowed to take pictures with them. But they were so down to earth and awesome and very handsome too.

















The next day, January 30, 2016 I met The Tide!

Out of all the meet and greets that I’ve been too, the Tide was my all time favorite. Typically here in my country, we are not allowed to touch them and take a picture with them and all but The Tide meet and greet was different, I got to hug the four of them and Nate kissed me and I swear I lost my chill that time. And then that night, The Tide official twitter account, Drew, Levi followed me on twitter then months later, Nate followed me on twitter. I’m still waiting for Austin to follow me.











In March 6, 2016 I met Victoria Aveyard.


Victoria Aveyard is one of the best authors out there and her works are really really good. More like, the best. She is famous for her Red Queen series which contains Red Queen (Book 1) and Glass of Sword (Book 2) and later next year Book 3 will come out.

I met her and she was one of the best meet and greets of my life. She was so down to earth. I basically waited for like 7 hours to see her and she thanked me for waiting that long and I said it was worth the wait.




April 9, 2016 I met Hailee Steinfeld in person.


There were 3 shows here in Manila and I went on the 2nd day at Uptown Mall in BGC Taguig with my best friend. We waited for more than 10 hours in a very cold mall just to meet her for 10 seconds but it was worth it. As much as she’s so good in videos she’s the best when it comes to live shows. I really had fun and I cannot wait to meet her again soon.


And because I live in Philippines, there was no picture of us together because we are not allowed to take pictures with artists. I know, it sucks but they say the best memories cannot be captured.




June 26, 2016 I met Greyson Chance and man can I say he’s damn hot!

He has such an amazing soul and ohhhhh words can’t explain how awesome he is!

Next to the  The Tide meet and greet, Greyson Chance was the 2nd best I’ve even been to.

I can’t even begin how to explain it, so here’s just some pictures.


They gave us this to raise it up when he sings Waiting Outside the Lines and it was one of the best performance.





October 10 to 15 2016, Cebu trip.

My class held a trip to Cebu via cruise ship. We got stranded because there was a storm and I couldn’t be more thankful that I’m stranded with the craziest people who made the trip memorable.




November 12, 2016… I met someone special.

I met him online, and since then we’ve been talking and there’s just something about him that makes me very happy and he makes me feel special without even trying to. I never met him in person, yet, but I know I’ll keep him.

I included him here because he made my 2016 kinda better than it already is. And he knows it.



So those are the most amazing moments I had this year, they may sound cheeky or anything but it was what made this year good despite every bad days I had. From events to trips to a person. These are what made my 2016.

And as the year comes to an end, I am ready to kiss it goodbye with a smile on my lips because somehow it was great. And now 2017 is coming in a few days, I am welcoming it with an open arms and hope next year would be greater than 2016.

Thank you to my readers for an amazing year, even though I don’t post blogs consistently but whenever I can you’re always there to read it. I feel so lucky and thankful and let’s all see what 2017 brings.

Happy New Year guys!



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