IT’S 2017!

To all my readers, Happy New Year!

I hope that this new year would give you happiness and love.

Make this 2017 yours!

I just want to take time off my day just to say Thank you once again to all of you who have been reading my blogs since the beginning. I know I am not consistent when it comes to posting blogs, although this year I will try my VERY best to post! I don’t want to give out promises but I will prove it.

In the year 2017, Blog With Rane will receive a major makeover, starting with the layout of my site, I want it to be neat and perfect looking. I want it to be simple and to represent my personality.


Secondly, I will edit my Blog Covers and make it my own! But since I still don’t have a better camera, most of the background pictures would be from google. BUT, I will make it better. 🙂

And lastly, I will post more content and less pictures on my blog post. I have realized that most of my posts from last year only have a few words written and mostly pictures. And I will TRY MY BEST to change that.

I am looking forward for a better and productive year in Blog With Rane. Sometimes I don’t know what to blog about, so feel free to leave a suggestion of what should I blog. It could be book reviews, movie reviews, traveling, fashion, or anything in general. 🙂

And since it’s new year and we all know what that means, right?

New year, new resolutions.

I wasn’t able to do my 2016 new years resolutions properly because school life got in the way. So this year, I only have a few ones that I know I can do.

First of in my list is to eat and gain weight.

Now you may have seen some of me on my pictures from my previous blogs about traveling and whatnot, and you all have guessed right. I am skinny. I have been skinny since birth and whatever I eat, I don’t gain weight at all. My mom said it’s in our genes, and I don’t really know. Anyway, this year I will try to eat and eat until I gain weight. I’m sure I can do that.

Second is to save money.

I am a big spender. Especially when it comes to food and books. I couldn’t just stop myself from spending too much money on basically every book that I like. And since 2016 ripped off my wallet, this year I am obligated to save money.

Third is to write often.

Some of you know that I write stories and poems on, and since I am so great at writing stuff that I can’t finish (sarcasm somewhere over there, haha), this year I want my writing skills to improve and I actually want to publish a BOOK SERIES on Wattpad soon. I’ve started with the first book already, and so far I’m doing good. I will release the first 2 chapters of the book this January, and see if I will continue with it. I will post another blog about that here soon, but for now (fingers crossed) I hope I become a great writer.

Lastly, I really want to live my life.

And what I meant by that is I want to live it to the fullest. I don’t want to hold back, I just want to be out there. Be myself more. Make myself happy and stay away from negativity and stick to the positive.


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