Dress Like Aspyn Ovard (Part 2)

I have noticed that a lot of you liked my Dress Like Aspyn Ovard blog post from a while back, and since Apsyn have posted a lot of her outfits on her blog, so I thought I should post another one, like a part two.

Disclaimer! All the pictures in this blog post are not mine, they belong to Aspyn Ovard’s blog, which I have linked previously, so make sure to go check her out. You can also go and follow her on instagram @aspynovard, her twitter @AspynOvard as well as her main youtube channel, Aspyn Ovard and her vlog channel with her husband Parker, Aspyn + Parker. And if you are interested in her more, she just recently opened her online store, Luca + Grae. Go and check her out.

And like I did before, I will link which blog post the pictures are from below.




Exploring Mykonos!






Weekend in Santorini





Stay at the Ritz-Carlton




Pretty Dresses in the Maldives




Beach Villa Tour!




The Braid is Back!




$3 Ice Cream!




Made it to the Maldives!




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