How I Pack + What’s in my Carry-On bag!

My major revolves around travel. I spend my nights either memorizing the world map or on a hotel room with my friends somewhere on earth. This is what I like in the future, I like traveling so much that my college course has to do with traveling too.

And since I’ve been to multiple places in my country which is the Philipines and I also have been to three international countries which are Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau. I will link my blog post about what I did in those countries at the end of this post, and also my other travel experiences too.

So, in this post I have decided to show you guys how I pack for a travel. Whether if it’s only for 3 days or 2 weeks, I only use three different types of luggage. For international I use both carry-on size (which is my Paris luggage) and a medium size luggage. For local travel, I only use my carry-on luggage and a little bag, and for a trip not that far from where I live, I use my backpacker’s backpack.

But for this post, I will use my Paris Luggage, because that is the luggage that I normally use all the time.


This this the first ever luggage that I own. It has been with me wherever I go and I totally love it. I got this from Macau. This is what I call my handy dandy Paris Luggage.







This is the inside, it is a decent sized small carry on luggage that is good for just a 3 days trip.






IMG20170327164842As for clothes, it depends on how long I have to stay. I’m not really going anywhere, I am just doing this for the sake of this post; so let’s say that I have to go somewhere for 3 days and 2 nights. So for this “trip”, I packed 5 shirts (a Mean Girls T-Shirt, a Captain America Crop Top, a Paris Crop Top, a Bonjour Crop Top and a stripes T-shirt), then I picked 2 types of high waist shorts both in navy blue and white to match the tops, I also picked 1 jeans which is the Boyfriend Jeans which goes along very well with the tops and a denim dress for a fancy night out.



My makeup bag, although I am not a big fan of makeup, but just in case I need it.









A bag of underwear of course!









A bag of Toiletries is a must!









Besides my carry-on, I have to bring another bag for an option. I chose a bag that would go with every outfit I planned.







Normally when I travel I don’t wear shoes like these, so what I’d do is I’d put these inside my luggage and wear sneakers instead. In that way, I’ll have choices whenever I want to change shoes.




So, first thing that I will do is to lay flat my dress at the bottom, followed by my jeans and shorts. I’d roll them up to save some space. Same goes with the tops.


And then next I will put my makeup bag in between my dress and my toiletries bag in order to avoid breaking something.


And then lastly, I will put my shoes, bag of underwear, a spare purse and a bag of my makeup brushes on the other compartment. Then that’s it!


For my carry on, I don’t usually carry a lot of stuff inside my carry on bag. All the stuff that I will show here is basically the stuff that I carry with my wherever I go in the world. My phone and phone charger is not there because I was using it for pictures. My passport is not there too, I only carry it if I have international flights. I also carry food in my bag, but I have none right now. And of course I also carry a jacket with me.

For a carry-on bag, I usually use backpacks. I rarely use shoulder bags.


I always carry a book with me wherever I go. Be it on school, mall, park, party, etc. And I also carry a notebook with me. That one right there is my travel journal.


My beauty bag, which includes different kinds of lipsticks, lip gloss, lip tints, face powder, hair ties and sometimes a band aid. And then I also carry around my school ID wherever I go, my headphones too. And of course my wallet.


Thank you for reading!


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