Dear Future Me,


First off, I have taken my time to write you a letter, Future Me. And let me tell you what’s going on with my life right now.

Right now I am 19 years old, a month before I turn 20 and a year before I graduate college.

At the moment I am listening to Check Yes Juliet by We The Kings. I am currently reading two books at the same time and those are 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher and the famous Romeo and Juliet. It is pretty hot in the Philippines this summer. I also just finished my World Tourism Exam a while ago, I think I did pretty good even though I forgot two States in the US and I wasn’t able to locate them on the map. We did a Blank Map of the US and South America by the way. This is the consequence for not going to this semester’s Tour which is in Bohol. And right now, I am not very consistent with this blog. I am still trying to figure out what to do with it and because of school and life things, I am not able to stay active and post like every week. But I want to. I swear, I really do that is why I am trying my best to post as often as I can.

As for my love life?

Currently moving on from the last guy who I loved. I don’t have to fill you in with this part because I am positive that whoever that guy was, you’ll remember him. You will always remember him because he was not the kind of guy to forget that easy. And can you just admit that he once made you happy, because he really did made you happy.


Okay, so I think that is all I have to say about me right now.


Now, let me say a few words to you, my future self.



You made it.

You are done with this stage called Education. You’ve graduated probably 5 years ago, and you are probably somewhere in the world working and living your dreams.


So tell me, are you able to work in a Hotel right now?

If so, how is it? How did you land a pretty awesome job? The journey must be hard but at least you made it through. Where are you right now? Are you in your shift or maybe you’re in a nearby cafe enjoying your break. Which country are you right now? Are you in Paris? Somewhere in US? Australia? Greece? Or maybe you got lucky that you are in London? Which department are you working? Are you doing housekeeping? If so, do you like it? I bet you are in the Front Office, greeting guests. Wherever you are, you must be very excited to work. How’s your co-workers? Are they friendly? Did you found a best friend or somehow a special someone?

If you’re not working in a hotel, maybe you are in a Cruise Ship right now.

That is pretty amazing!!!! You must be rich now, and you must have traveled the world by now. You are so lucky.

And maybe you are a Flight Attendant. Just like you’ve always wanted.

A Tour Guide? A Travel Agent? An Author Perhaps?

Wherever and whatever you’re doing right now. I hope you are happy.

I hope you are living in a country that you used to dream living in and maybe you are living with one of your best friends or maybe a special someone.

Speaking of Special Someone, have you found him already? The guy you’ve always waited for. The guy you always dream about. I hope he treats you the way you’ve always wanted to be treated by a man. I hope he’s kind, funny, silly, outgoing, artistic and Godly. I hope he is everything that you want. I hope he won’t cheat on you. I hope he loves you more than you love him. I hope he can keep up with your fangirling life. I hope he makes you happy. I hope he is the one. I hope he is your Romeo, your Troy Bolton, your Dimitri Belikov, your Park Bo Gum. I hope he is your everything.

How’s your fangirl life so far?

Are you still seeing The Tide? You must have seen them a thousandth time already since 2016. I hope you met One Direction already. I hope you are still one of the amazing fangirls out there. I hope you are still doing it.


Have you traveled the world yet?

If so, where did you go? Who did you go with? I want to hear all about it.


I’ve already written so much, I hope you are okay and happy. I hope you are safe. I hope you made mama and daddy proud.

Always remember me, the younger you who went through hell just to get you where you are now. I hope you’ll look back at me and smile.

And I hope, you’ll thank me.


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